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AdvanceUR - ServicesAdvance UR provides Utilization Review Services to Self Insured entities and Insurance Companies whose employees were injured on the job working in California.

Advance UR strives to provide a 24 hour (or less) turn around on all UR requests so the claimant will not have an interruption in their medical care which could delay recovery. Advance UR is dedicated to preventing a delay in medical treatment by providing quality health care reviews in a timely manner. Our goals are:

To provide quality utilization reviews by:

  • The work being done only by Nurses with Workers’ Compensation Experience.
  • Reviews being completed within 24 hours.
  • If a NCM is on a file, a reviewer contacts the NCM prior to any paperwork being sent for MD review. Direct communication may prevent appeals or non certifications due to lack of medicals, information, etc.

To provide cost effective reviews with reasonable fees:

  • Nurse reviews
  • Physician reviews
  • Authorization only letters

California law states you have 14 days for reviews when no medicals are available. Therefore Advance UR will/can utilize the 14 days to try and obtain the medicals to prevent additional charges. In addition:

  • Multiple requests that are related, ex: Surgery, CPM, Post OP Physical Therapy are considered one request and therefore will have only one charge.
  • Appeals will not be charged an additional RN review fee.

Advance UR will dedicate our resources to provide a comprehensive, cost effective, Utilization Review Program that will fit your needs. We welcome further inquiries about our services.